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Jul 2013

 A Few Useful Tips On Bath Repair

A good-looking and clean bath room is as important as any other part of your home. If the bath is not in good working condition or has not been maintained well, it becomes a veritable breeding place for many germs and microbes. As soon as you get up in the morning, a bath room is the first place you visit and a spick and span bathing area can rev you up for the rest of the day.

It is but natural for any bath to suffer some wear and tear or damage over prolonged use. Continued use of such a bathing place can lead to further damage and may call for replacement resulting in avoidable expenses. A timely bath repair, therefore, can conveniently delay replacement or resurfacing for a reasonable period of time, depending upon the extent of damage. Baths are generally made tough enough to withstand most kinds of rough usage, but certain chipping or damage due to impact of a heavy falling object can occur that can be repaired depending upon the material in question.

In recent years, molded fiberglass baths, spa baths and shower trays have become popular owing to their look and easy installation. However, they are not as tough and long-lasting as enameled steel baths or porcelain ones. Also, they are known to develop cracks, scratches and lose their sheen quickly as compared to the conventional ones.

Bath Repair Tips & ideas

Chips occurring in acrylic, vitreous enamel and porcelain surfaces are normally can be repaired using a home repair kit. However, such repairs are not close to fool-proof, they are not invisible during day time and are not very long-lasting too. So  in short, its a false economy , better to use a reputable  company like Bath Respray who can deliver a totally invisible repair thats going to last.

Sheen loss; Commonly occurs in fiberglass and acrylic bath fixtures and can be corrected by buffing if the acrylic surface is not very thin. In any case, it takes long and costs more for a good finish.
Burns caused by cigarettes. Normally seen in fiberglass baths and can be repaired by buffing if the burn is not too deep.
Scratches can be corrected by buffing only on acrylic surfaces and not on enamel or porcelain ones where either resurfacing or replacement is the only option.
Staining  normally seen in conventional enameled steel or porcelain-coated cast iron fixtures. This cannot be repaired and will need ReGlazing. For more information or prices on repairing or reglazing your bath contact Philip at 0862456456 or visit

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