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Mar 2016

Bath Resurfacing for Commercial and Residential Bathrooms?

Are you facing a bathroom restoration project and you don’t know which way to go? The answer depends on your main priority. For some people, bathroom repairs should be cost-efficient. Others want to have the entire project completed within a short period of time. There could also be considerations about the longevity of the result and the durability of the new baths.

Needless to say, there are major differences between residential and commercial bath restorations. When it comes to commercial bathrooms, like the ones in hotels and restaurants, durability and toughness happen to be tremendously important.

Bath Respray K Club

Bath Respray K Club

One kind of restoration can work for both residential and commercial baths.

It brings together long-lived results and cost-efficiency. In addition, the project can be completed within a very short period of time, ticking all of the checkboxes. This project is called bath respraying.

Bath respraying involves the restoration of bathroom equipment, rather than its replacement. This is the main reason why resurfacing is so cost-efficient and why it can be executed within a couple of days.

To get the best results, however, you need to choose the right company. All Surface Respray is Ireland’s leaders for several reasons. For a start, we’re the only company that has the rights to using a bath resurfacing product, known as Multinamel.

Multinamel is exceptionally tough. It can be used in commercial and residential settings. The glazing product is ideal for bathtubs, shower trays and even sinks. Because of its exceptional quality, Multinamel comes with a lifetime colour warranty and a five-year structural warranty.

Most often, bathroom equipment will be in good condition. Chances are that the glazing will begin looking dull with time or it will get yellow. Some cracks and chips could occur, as well, especially in a bathroom that sees heavy-duty usage.

Since the structural integrity of the bath isn’t affected, most of the equipment can be restored. The procedure is environmentally friendly and it doesn’t create any waste. Bathroom respraying can also be performed on a budget, delivering beautiful and long-lived results.

You don’t have to scratch when it comes to doing a bathroom renovation. Call our team today and we’ll have your bathroom assessed to help you determine if respraying is the right procedure for you.

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