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Apr 2014

Bath Reglazing Adds Value to Any Home and Hotel Business.

All Surface Repair is Irelands leading Bath and kitchen respray company it is the holding company of Bath Respray .com. We are happy to have just recently completed over 250 bath restorations for Jury’s Hotel Dublin. In the last few months alone we have worked for The Morgan Hotel, The Crown Plaza group, The Regent hotel, The four Seasons hotel and the Galway Harbour Hotel and many many more.

It’s not just commercial work , 80% of our bath resurfacing work and bath repair work is domestic homeowners. but we are happy in the knowledge that if it stands the test of time in a commercial situation it will stand the test of time in a domestic one. If your tired of staring at those unsightly chips or scratches in your bath tiles? Perhaps you’d like to modify the colours that will add an entirely new look for your bath? is here to help you out! Our company is known for providing top quality services at the most affordable price. We have been servicing many homes and hotel businesses in the locality since 1999

Bath reglazing is the right answer to your needs. This option is more affordable since you don’t have to replace your existing fixtures and bath all together. If you want to save a huge amount of cash in bath repair, then choose the best company to handle the works.

At Bath Respray Ireland, you are given the assurance that only qualified and expert bath technicians  will be handling the reglazing job. In addition, we will not only resurface your baths, we will be applying the best product on the market our very own brand “Multinamel”.

Multinamel is an extremely strong and glossy type of enamel which is known to stand the test of time. If you want true value for your hard-earned cash, then it’s only right that you choose the best reglazing team that can offer the most excellent job. The job can be completed within 2 to three hours.

Contact us by email or cal us direct at 012891414

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