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Oct 2015

The Multiple Benefits of Commercial Bath Reglazing

As a hotel or restaurant owner, you know how important the maintenance of the facilities is. Clients make decisions based on first impressions and you have just one chance to get things right. This is why everything has to look and function impeccably.

Bathrooms are subjected to tons of adverse influences and as such, they can start showing signs of ageing before the rest of the facilities. Replacing Taps, bathtubs and shower trays is quite expensive. The good news is that a much more affordable and practical solution exists. The solution is called respraying.

Spray painting is one of the most affordable possibilities for making a bathroom look brand new. Baths that have been cracked or damaged will cost a fortune to replace, especially if you have a big hotel. Respraying makes a lot more sense because it gets the damaged fixed and it prolongs the longevity of the bathroom.

No Mess
This is a quick and easy procedure. It will be far less messy than having to replace and repair all of the bathrooms. Respraying and resurfacing can be completed within days, enabling you to continue working and making money.

Throwing away bathroom equipment that’s in perfectly good condition is a rather wasteful practice. Through spray painting, you’ll be saving those pieces, improving their appearance and reducing the environmental impact of doing your business. If you’re trying to build a green image for your company, opting for environmentally friendly procedures will be of uttermost importance.

Increased Safety
Companies like All Surface Respray focus on both the aesthetic and the practical appeal of spray painting. We work with anti-slip multinamel. The anti-slip coating reduces the risk of guests experiencing accidents in the bathroom. By taking care of safety and providing a superior service, you’ll get an opportunity to grow your business and maintain stable, long-term relationships with your clients. Anti-slip multinamel application will be completed within hour, a fast and easy opportunity for making bathrooms attractive and safe at the same time.

These are just some of the reasons why you should consider commercial spray painting for the bathrooms in your facilities. Affordable and capable of producing stellar results, this procedure is the one of preference for numerous companies that put emphasis on quality.


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