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Jun 2013

Discover How Bath Reglazing Can Make Your Bathroom Look New
Bath reglazing has become a very popular option when your bath begins to look worn and old. You may have noticed that there are scratches on the surface or black spots where it has been over used. Maybe the bath is the wrong color, or it is stained. Regardless of the reason, reglazing the bathtub is often the easiest way to rejuvenate a tired looking bathroom.
Using harsh cleaning materials can also cause damage to the surface of the bath, which can be distressing if the bathtub is not that old. Once the bath or shower tray has been damaged, you need to consider the best options in the future. If your budget is large, you may want to consider remodeling the whole room; however, a cheaper option is to respray the bath.
Choosing to respray the bathtub may seem strange at first, but it can be a far cheaper and quicker alternative to other methods. Not only will you need to find the money for a remodel, but you will be without the bathroom for some time. This can be a massive inconvenience, especially if you have a family and only one bathroom.
Alongside the bath reglazing, you may also want to consider shower resurfacing, which will ensure that the whole suite looks the same. The process is straightforward, and will guarantee that your bathroom looks brilliant. The professionals at Bath Respray will guarantee that regardless of the size, style or color of your existing bathtub, they will rejuvenate it to its former glory.
The surface of the bathtub will need to be correctly prepared to ensure that the reglazing will be a success. An etching method is used, before a thorough clean is performed to remove all of the dirt and grease from the tub. Once it is prepared the primer and  Multinamel topcoat is applied using a specialist gun, which ensures a smooth finish.

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