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Jul 2013

How To Save Money With Bath Repair And Resurfacing

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How To Save Money With Bath Repair And Resurfacing

No words can describe a truly refreshing bath after a tiring day. But, to enjoy your bath, your bath fixtures have to look inviting and in good condition too. If your bath doesn’t look too good with chips and cracks and you cannot really afford to replace it, there is no need to worry and the answer lies in timely repair and resurfacing of the damaged part.

The main benefit behind bath repair and resurfacing is the cost-saving. You can save as much as 70% if you go for bath resurfacing instead of buying a new one. A plastic replacement would be a cheaper option but then the elegance and quality of an enamel bath will be lost. Also, having a resurfaced enamel bath would add more value to your bath than having a new plastic one! Proper repairing or resurfacing your enamel bath would restore its original look, with smooth, brilliant, and attractive finish and make your bath an attractive fixture of your bathroom.

You will know that your bath needs resurfacing when the enamel coat has become very porous with some rust setting in – and very tiny holes have formed one surface. These days, a bath repair or resurfacing is done with least fuss. You do not have to pull out your fixture, carry out re-plumbing or retiling and the correction work is done in its original place and the edges are sealed with an anti-fungal sealant if necessary. Rusts, if any, are treated chemically before resurfacing is done. So much so that you get to enjoy your resurfaced bath soon enough, maybe in just about 24 hours. There are some companies that do an ok job of resurfacing. But don’t settle for just ok. Use the best, they are Bath Respray If you take good care, your resurfaced bath can last longer than 15 years!

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