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Jan 2016

The Benefits of Bath Resurfacing 
Why should you respray baths instead of replacing them? It’s very easy to answer the question.

Bath resurfacing is a cost-efficient process. In addition, the repairs will be completed fast. There will be no tearing down of floors or walls. The plumbing and the water supply don’t have to be addressed. The entire procedure will end in a couple of days, reducing downtime significantly.

There’s no need to worry that the outcome will be mediocre because the best companies in the field like All Surface Respray give you a warrantee. This way, you can rest assured that you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful finish and the quality of the outcome for years to come. Whether you need to have a commercial or a residential bath renovated, respraying and resurfacing are the procedures that make the most sense.

Bath Respray logo

Bath Respray logo

The Best Way to Make Bathtub Repairs More Affordable

Changing baths is far from the most money-saving projects on earth, especially if you operate a commercial venue. A hotel bathroom should look pristine but the purchase of new equipment will typically cost a lot of money.

Instead of throwing away bathtubs, opting for repairs will make much more sense. Bath respray is one of the most affordable opportunities that will deliver amazing results.

What is Bath Respray?
To repair the bathtub, you should definitely consider a bath respray. This is a process during which the surface is repaired and a protective coat is added, making baths look brand new. It’s a lot more convenient, quick and affordable than throwing out damaged bathtubs and buying new ones.

Companies like All Surface Respray have comprehensive bath respraying and resurfacing services.

Minor cracks and chips are fixed before the respraying takes place. These are needed to maintain the structural integrity of the bathtub and increase its lifespan by at least several years.

Once the team has completed those steps, the actual respraying will occur. All Surface Respray uses a high quality product called Multinamel. This is the toughest reglazing product on the market and it comes with a lifetime colour warrantee plus a five-year structural warrantee.

Multinamel will help fill out small cracks, thus producing a further repairing effect. When the team is done in a couple of days, the bathtub will look as if it were just purchased. The whiteness and glossiness of the finish will be restored, making the bathroom look cleaner and much better maintained.



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