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Nov 2015

Types of Damage that Bathroom Respraying can Fix

A beautiful bathroom is a must, whether you’re looking at your home, office or a commercial venue. The bathroom is one of the places that buyer will first look at in order to make up their mind about a real estate purchase.

Surfaces in the bathroom are prone to getting damaged. They’re affected by the humidity, the temperature changes and the delicate nature of porcelain and tiles. These can easily be chipped or scratched due to misuse or poor maintenance.

Spray painting is a great opportunity for restoring the beautiful appearance of your bathroom but can it be used to fix all kinds of problems?

Types of Damage that Bath Resurfacing can Fix
Bath respray is a great opportunity for fixing an array of damages. The process can be used to restore the toilet, the faucet, the shower tray, bathtub and just about every other surface in the bathroom that could have been damaged.

Some of the problems that can be fixed this way include chips, cracks, scratches, dulling of the white surfaces, staining and discolouration. Some companies like All Surface Respray will go the extra mile and fix bigger scratches or cracks before spraying a coat of enamel on.

The Quality of the Enamel Matters
Now that you know that most types of bathroom damages can be fixed through respraying, it’s important to point out that the quality of the product used matters.

Bathroom resurfacing products aren’t created equal. Some companies rely on cheaper enamels that bring the cost of the procedure down. The problem with these products is that they lack toughness and longevity. As a result, cracks and chips can be expected to appear once again within a short period of time.

It’s much better to opt for high quality materials like multinamel. Multinamel is a commercial-grade enamel variety that All Surface Respray works with. This is the only company in Ireland that can give you the multinamel quality. Because of the product’s toughness, it comes with a lifetime colour warranty and a five-year structural warranty.

Whether you have a commercial or a residential bathroom, you can fix most problems by opting for respraying. When going for this kind of surface, however, take your time to make sure that you’ll receive high quality – it will be determining for the longevity of the result.


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