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Mar 2016

Four Amazing Features of Multinamel

Want to get a Bath Respray? If so, you’ve probably heard about the product we use – Multinamel. This product has a number of merits. Several of Multinamel’s characteristics determine why it’s superior to other products on the market.

Wondering whether the All Surface Respray team is the right one for your restoration project? Learning a bit more about the product that we work with on baths will help you make up your mind.

Bath Respray K Club

Bath Respray K Club

Lifetime Colour Guarantee
Multinamel for baths is such a superior reglazing product that it comes with a lifetime colour warrantee.

This means that as time passes, your bathtub or shower tray will not start getting yellow. They will retain the original sparkly whiteness and look just like on the day when the All Surface Respray team got the job done.

Ideal for Commercial Purposes
The quality and strength of Multinamel are so high that the product is suitable both for residential and commercial purposes. This is the main reason why we work with numerous hotels and accommodation companies, enabling them to complete cost-efficient bathroom restorations.

Multinamel is one of the toughest reglazing options for all kinds of baths. If you’d like the outcome of your bathroom renovation project to last for years, a product like Multinamel is the only sound option.

Very Affordable
Doing a bathroom restoration using Multinamel will enable you to save nearly 80 per cent of the amount that you’ll otherwise have to spend on the purchase of new equipment.

This type of bathroom restoration will help you save money in yet another way. Since Multinamel is so tough, it will keep the bathroom in a pristine condition for many years to come. The maintenance and renovation costs will be reduced significantly.

It can be Used to Deal with Minor Damage
Multinamel is a reglazing product that will literally “fill” small cracks and chips on the surface. If you like all of the bathroom equipment to have an impeccable finish, this product is the right one.

All Surface Respray is a company that has exclusive rights to Multinamel for Ireland. You should never settle for a mediocre solution. Some companies may give you access to very cheap bath restorations but these aren’t going to give you long-lived results. Looking for the best price to quality ratio is a much better idea. When it comes to giving you superior performance for the money you’ve spent on the renovation, Multinamel is the top product on the market.

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